About us

liquidity provider

Smart algos meet machine learning and big data

Ever since we were founded in 2004, we have focused on liquidity provision. By fully automating our trading at an early stage, we paved the way for the efficient scalability of our operations. This decision still shapes us today and has made us an algo-trading pioneer. We work to optimise our business model day in, day out – and now have more than 100 employees.

Thanks to the ongoing enhancement of our trading algorithms, we are able to quote tens of thousands of financial instruments. Alongside smart trading ideas, we harness our in-house trading and back office systems. Whilst state-of-the-art hardware and co-locations around the world are essential to us, our clear focus is on our intelligent trading strategies and is not based on ultra low-latency technologies. We have implemented the latest artificial intelligence approaches directly into our productive trading strategies allowing our quants to access our machine learning infrastructure for their analyses and backtesting, including a direct link to our fully integrated cloud solution with unlimited capacity if needed for big data.

Improving our trading strategies on a daily basis represents an exciting challenge for our teams of developers and traders. We invest in the quality of our data on an ongoing basis, preparing it with precision to ensure continuous improvement in trading logic.