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Bespoke Liquidity

Provided within the scope of bilateral business relations

Alongside the provision of liquidity at various trading venues around the world, we also offer our European customers the option of trading with us on a bilateral basis. As a systematic internaliser, we set binding buying and selling prices that are generally more attractive than the prices listed on the stock exchange – both in terms of price and quote size.

By virtue of our extensive experience in the on-exchange trading of highly liquid to highly illiquid financial instruments, we are able to apply our expertise to OTC trading and offer liquidity on a bilateral basis in the form of thousands of shares. In doing so, we seek to meet the needs of our customers in full and thus minimise the market impact.

In order to make life as easy as possible for our customers, we have deliberately selected Cboe SI technology – a high-performance solution that is well established on the market. We use both the ‘trusted’ and the ‘matched’ models of Cboe ETR to ensure the efficient settlement of trades.

Any ‘eligible counterparty’ who has undergone our KYC process can become a customer. The corresponding onboarding process, as well as technical integration in our trading system, is carried out in close cooperation with the customer, meaning that the first trades can be executed within just a few weeks. If you would like to find out more, our [javascript protected email address] department will be happy to help.

Further information can be found in our press releases.

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